CNC Machining Services from the Leading Hydraulics Manufacturer in Sydney

In business since 1967, Moblack Hydraulics Pty Ltd have over 50 years of industry experience. We are based in Sydney but cater to regional, state and countrywide clients. We produce all our products in our Sydney manufacturing facility so you can be assured they are fully Australian designed and manufactured. We’re also well-known in the Australian mining, waste and construction industries. Our services include hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repairs, CNC precision engineering and general engineering.

Trust Moblack Hydraulics Pty Ltd with Your Precision Engineering

CNC machining services refers to computer numerical control; a manufacturing process where factory tools and machinery are controlled by pre-programmed computer software. Using a combination of number and letter based prompts, the machines are able to perform manufacturing tasks with minimal human input. There are many benefits to using precision engineering such as:

  • Ability to revise and update computer programs and change processes quickly
  • Speed of manufacturing
  • Ability to repeat tasks over and over
  • Consistent quality that is difficult to achieve manually with large orders

Precision machining is ideal for producing complex shapes which would be too difficult or time-consuming to manufacture manually. CNC milling operates on multiple axis systems which is one of the reasons for its precision.  There are no jobs too big or small for CNC machining services; whether it’s repetition manufacturing or producing single pieces for high-powered machinery.

Find Out More About Our Precision Milling and Other Services

CNC precision milling is just one of our many quality manufacturing services. We produce all types of hydraulic cylinders, with a breadth of experience in multi stage telescopic cylinder manufacturing – a product that sets us apart from other companies. From consultation to design, we work with clients to ensure their needs are met affordably and effectively. We are a local company with Sydney-based manufacturing operations and work with Australian businesses of all types to meet their precision milling and hydraulic cylinder needs. All our precision engineering and general engineering products are up to Australian standards and regulations. Our other applications include; power packs, hydraulic pumps, valves and pins and bushes. If you have an existing cylinder, we can also assist with hydraulic ram repairs. We promise to deliver high quality, durable and reliable products with every order. Call us on (02) 9601 2277 to discuss your manufacturing needs with our friendly team today.