Professional Hydraulic & General Engineering Services Available in Sydney

Professional Hydraulic Services Available in Moorebank

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Moblack provides Sydney and Australia with first class general engineering services. As one of the country’s premier manufacturers, we take a special pride in our ability to fabricate the highest quality parts for your application. We offer a massive range of products that includes everything from bolts to valves and everything in between. As such, we have earned a reputation over our near-60 year history as being one of the most reliable providers in the country.

So, if you would like to partner with a team who has your operation’s success close at heart, you’ve found them here at Moblack.

What Makes Our Sydney General Engineering Services Number One?

Since 1967, Moblack’s services have had a sound reputation for the following:

Quality: What has kept us an industry stalwart for so long is our unwavering commitment to quality parts. We are passionate about what we do and therefore only make the highest quality products for our valued clients.

  • Efficiency: We understand that our own efficiency may be integral to your operational achievement. Therefore, we ensure that we provide a fully-efficient service and one that seeks to supply your industrial requirements as soon as possible.

Sydney Fabrication

Manufacturing and repair of cylinders is one aspect of our Sydney factory, meaning that we know all the ins and outs of the process from start to finish. To best suit your project’s needs, we will develop customised cylinders that are unique for your size specifications. We can also assess and conduct repair services for your existing cylinders and components.

Our cylinder range includes:

  •   Hex Plugs
  •   Bolts
  •   Bushes
  •   Plates
  •   Wheels
  •   Profiles
  •   Valves
  •   Keyways
  •   Shafts
  •   Any component that you require big or small

Moblack can assist in general engineering products by manufacturing any component required for your projects specification.

Hydraulic Cylinders:

  •   Telescopic Multi Stage
  •   Single Acting
  •   Double Acting
  •   Large Bore Cylinder
  •   Any cylinder / hydraulics system big or small

Want to Get Started with Moblack for Your General Engineering Needs in Sydney?

The Moblack team is dedicated to ensuring you are quickly replete with the cylinders you need to succeed. Therefore, once you enlist our services, we will quickly go to work on ensuring you receive exactly what you need and when you need it, too. So, if you have any further inquiries about our work, or would like to find out about a particular part, please feel free to call our friendly experts today.

Machining Services

  •   CNC machining
  •   CNC milling
  •   Centre lathe turning
  •   Honing and Boring
  •   Welding
  •   Grinding
  •   Chroming
  •   Linishing
  •   Fabrication
  •   Cutting
  •   Drilling
  •   Fitting
CNC Machine

Our team has extensive hydraulic application experience in:

  •   Power Packs
  •   Hydraulic Pumps
  •   Valves
  •   Pins and Bushes
  •   General engineering
Nuts Bolts

We can also manufacture:

  •   Bolts 
  •   Hex Plugs
  •   Plates
  •   Shafts
  •   Bushes

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Get Started with Moblack for Your General Engineering Needs in Sydney

Contact our expert team at 02 9601 2277. Alternatively, you can send through an enquiry for further information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.