Benefits of Hydraulic Cylinder Honing

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Hydraulic cylinder rehoning is a simple process, and a small but integral part of hydraulic cylinder repair or rebuild. The honing technique is an abrasive machining process, which uses hard tooling and perishable abrasive products such as diamonds or stones.

How Does Honing Work as part of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair?

Stones or diamonds rotate under controlled pressure and are used with a lubricant. A cross-hatch pattern is produced on the hydraulic cylinder’s surface when the cylinder is rehoned. It is essentially a gentle and slow grinding process which results in a fine surface finish and geometrical accuracy.

Benefits of Honing

There are many benefits of cylinder honing as part of hydraulic cylinder repair services. Honing results in:

  • Better lubrication of the cylinder;
  • The cylinder wearing evenly;
  • Any minor rough patches of irregularities in the cylinder being rectified;
  • Any problems with the size, shape and geometry of the cylinder are repaired and made more accurate when you undertake honing as part of your cylinder repair services;
  • Your cylinder performs better;
  • There is an increased life of all your cylinder components;
  • There are less cylinder rebuilds required;
  • The seal life of your cylinder is lengthened;
  • It reduces the number of reject components in the cylinder;
  • It improves and determines friction, reliability and wear;
  • Honing as part of hydraulic cylinder repair services can be performed on all types of cylinders including cylinder repairs;
  • It improves the roundness of the cylinder;
  • The surface finish will be well configured;
  • Rehoning saves your business time and money.

Light honing should be done as part of the hydraulic cylinder repair process, and whenever your cylinder is resealed.

Honing hydraulic cylinders will increase their lifespan and effectiveness, and there will be fewer breakdowns of your machinery. To improve the output of your hydraulic cylinders, consider honing as part of the hydraulic cylinder repair process. For more information contact us at Moblack.



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