What You Need to Know About Single Acting Hydraulics Cylinders

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When it comes to choosing a hydraulic cylinder, you have a choice of double or single acting cylinders. Each one has their own unique benefits. As a leader in general engineering, we find that most commonly a single acting hydraulic cylinder is the best solution. It is the most versatile and is created with a simple design. Choosing the right type of cylinder can save you from needing to organize extensive hydraulic repairs.

Hydraulic Energy

In a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic energy is converted into the fluid with its hydraulic force. This produces linear movement – that is, movement in one direction. When a single acting hydraulic cylinder is used, the force operates along only one side of the piston. Generally, the cylinder extends through hydraulic pressure and returns through either the process of gravity or by way of a spring mechanism.

Spring Mechanism

Single acting hydraulic cylinders can be purchased with a built-in spring mechanism. The piston rod and the top of the cylinder are returned to the starting position in these devices. Gravity can produce the same result as a spring, as is often seen in manual handling and in hydraulic rams.

Selection of Cylinders

It is important that you choose the right type of hydraulic cylinder. We have a range of designs to choose from, and can custom make a cylinder that is unique to your needs.

Moblack has over 50 years of hydraulic cylinder repair services, design, and manufacturer. We are a leader in the field. We offer competitive prices and expert services.

Based in Sydney we can also cater to regional, state and countrywide clients. For more information on the best hydraulic cylinder for your business contact us at Moblack. We are experts in cylinder repair services, hydraulic repairs, and general engineering.



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