How to Manage Hydraulic Components Wear

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Hydraulic components receive a lot of wear and tear. They work under pressurized conditions and over time wear out.This creates a potential for work problems and health and safety risks.

Having your hydraulic cylinders break down can result in staff injury, as well as downtime in the workplace.

As leaders in general engineering in Sydney, we recommend that you always have a professional regularly service your hydraulic cylinders. Regular servicing will minimize breakdown of your machinery and maximize health and safety at your workplace!

To enable maximum output from your hydraulic cylinders, the oil in the cylinders should be changed regularly.The hydraulic cylinders need to be kept clean at all times, and reports should be filled out whenever there is a problem with the equipment.

Why Do Hydraulic Components Wear?

As experts in hydraulic cylinder repair services we find that the following factors contribute to wear:

  • Contamination

Contamination by foreign bodies or water in the lubricant can cause corrosion to the bore of the cylinder. This can result in wear to the components and loss of fluid power. Bores and seals can erode when contaminated, along with the surfaces of cylinder components.

  • Corrosion

Common chemicals used in hydraulic fluids can corrode the metal of the components.

  • Adhesion

Materials can be transferred to the components of the cylinder when they are heated by friction.

Perform Regular Checks

To avoid the need to have your hydraulic cylinder repaired, always perform regular checks on your hydraulic equipment. Have the cylinders checked for signs of damage, wear, and erosion. Change the fluids regularly. This will save your business time, money and resources in the long run.

Wear and tear is completely normal in hydraulic components. By regularly maintaining and inspecting your cylinders you can help to avoid major damage to the equipment.

For hydraulic cylinder repair services, supply, and inspections, contact us at Moblack General Engineering Sydney.



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