General Safety Guidelines to Follow When Dealing with High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

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When dealing with hydraulic cylinders, bear in mind that the systems store fluid under immense pressure. The fluid in the cylinders is hot and toxic. As specialists in general engineering in Sydney we advise that you follow the below general safety guidelines when dealing with hydraulic cylinders:

Personal Safety

  • Always wear protective clothing
  • Use safety glasses at all times
  • Never overload the system
  • Install a device to display the pressure of the cylinders, such as a manometer
  • Change the hydraulic oil regularly using only clean oil
  • Keep away from the working area of the cylinder

Mounting of Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Always clean the piping before installing the cylinders
  • Use the largest possible screws
  • Install shields to prevent damage to the cylinders
  • Check that the piston rod and mating component are properly aligned to avoid excessive wear

Handle with Care

As specialists in hydraulic repairs in Sydney, we recommend always handling hydraulic cylinders carefully to avoid damage. Do not use chain hoists – rather use a fabric or nylon sling. The pin eye of the cylinder should never be used to lift the cylinder. If the pin becomes loose, it can allow the matter to enter the cylinder, and damage and contaminate it.


If you are storing your hydraulic cylinders they are best stored indoors in a dry clean environment. Avoid extremely hold or cold temperatures.


Organise regular servicing and inspection of your hydraulic cylinders and check them for any defects. Contact us for all your hydraulic repairs in Sydney and throughout Australia.


To stop rusting and pitting it is recommended that the cylinder be filled with clean hydraulic oil. If you do this always install a check valve to stop the expansion of the fluid and pressurization. Any surfaces exposed to the elements should be treated with a compound to prevent rust.

At Moblackwe provide services for general engineering in Sydney and throughout Australia. We are experts in cylinder repairs services and supply. Contact us to find out more today!



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