Reasons for Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

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Hydraulic cylinders can be the backbone of many different types of machinery. Small issues with your cylinders can, if left unattended, escalate into larger problems, result in downtime for your business and deem hydraulic cylinder repair services or replacement necessary.

Cylinders can fail for a number of reasons. As hydraulic cylinder repair specialists, we find that the following reasons are common:

  • Small problems not being attended to. These problems can then escalate and become larger ones. Regular services will eliminate any small issues. Small problems include:
    • The cylinder overheating
    • The cylinder rod not retracting
    • The cylinder rod kicking up at the end of each stroke
    • Leaking cylinders
  • Broken or corroded components
  • Lack of lubricant
  • Incorrect lubricant being used
  • Contaminated lubricant used
  • Insufficient bearing support for the cylinder
  • Worn cylinder threads
  • Blockage of ports on the hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic pump failure
  • Wrong clearances
  • Cylinder tube becoming deformed

It is important that incident reporting systems are set up in your organisation to monitor any defects and problems with the hydraulic cylinder. Cylinder repair services should be organised straight away for minor or major problems.

Regular servicing and inspection of your hydraulic cylinders will ensure that they achieve a maximum lifespan and that the downtime in your organisation is limited.

At Moblack, we have been in business for over fifty years. Our friendly and professional engineers deal exclusively with hydraulic equipment and are experts in the field. We provide a large range of cylinders including custom made cylinders, telescopic cylinders, single and double acting and pneumatic and large bore cylinders.

Our cylinders are manufactured solely by us, and our engineering processes design cylinders to meet specific Australian conditions. For more information on the supply of cylinder replacement or hydraulic cylinder repair services, contact us at Moblack today.



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