Signs That Your Hydraulic Cylinder Needs a Repair or Service

Repairing and servicing your hydraulic cylinder regularly will keep it in good working order and extend its lifespan. It will also minimise any safety issues with the attached equipment. Always organise cylinder repair services while problems are small… This prevents a larger and more expensive fault occurring.

Hydraulic cylinders can fail due to a number of factors including overloading, lack of bearing support, worn threads, incorrect clearances, internal leakage, wear and tear, hydraulic pump failure, port blockage, lack of lubricant and more.

As experts in hydraulic repairs Sydney region we find that the following are signs that your hydraulic cylinder needs attention:

  • The seals of the cylinder are wearing;
  • The rod of the hydraulic cylinder is becoming scored, corroded or pitted;
  • The components of the cylinder are not in a good state of repair;
  • The hydraulic cylinder tube has become deformed;
  • There are blockages in the cylinder;
  • The cylinder has lost hydraulic power;
  • The hydraulic cylinder is leaking;
  • The hydraulic cylinder is overheating. This is an urgent sign that you need to organise hydraulic cylinder repair services ASAP.
  • The cylinder rod kicks upwards at the end of the stroke;
  • The cylinder rod is not retracting.

If any of the above instances occur, or if you see any other signs of disfunction with your cylinder, organise hydraulic cylinder repair urgently. Small problems can quickly escalate into major problems. As hydraulic cylinders are often the primary driver of machinery, minor performance issues with the cylinder can create problems with the associated machinery components. Injury to staff can therefore easily occur if your hydraulic cylinder is not repaired quickly, and maintained regularly.

Repairing and servicing your hydraulic cylinder regularly will save you time, resources and money. For more information on Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers and Repairs Sydney area contact us at Moblack today.

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