Things to Consider Before Buying a Hydraulic Cylinder

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When buying a hydraulic cylinder there are many things to consider. Making the best choice will ensure that you have optimum functionality. There is more than just the type of hydraulic cylinder to consider.When purchasing hydraulic cylinders in New South Wales, you will also need to take into account:

  • Whether there are accessories such as a hydraulic pump required for your cylinder.
  • The quality of the brand of the hydraulic cylinder. Always choose quality hydraulic cylinder manufacturers brands. Cheaper is not always better.
  • Consider any space restrictions that you have in your workplace when purchasing your cylinder. You may need to buy a specific size.
  • Do you need an industrial or mobile hydraulic cylinder?
  • What do you need the cylinder to do?
  • How powerful does it need to be?
  • Does the cylinder need to be repairable? At MoBlack Hydraulics we specialize in hydraulic cylinder repair services and hydraulic ram repairs Sydney area.
  • Does it need to be single or double acting?
  • What bore size do you need on your hydraulic cylinder?
  • What is the temperature range that you require?
  • What pressure should the cylinder operate at?
  • What is the maximum pressure you require your hydraulic cylinder to operate at?
  • What is the fluid type that you need?
  • How many cylinders do you require?

Once you know what to look for in a hydraulic cylinder it is much easier to find your ideal solution. Buying the first cylinder that you come across is not always the best option.

When purchasing a hydraulic cylinder, you need to not only take into account the type of cylinder that you require, but also the quality of the brand, the reputation of the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and all of the points above.

When you take these aspects into consideration, you will find that your hydraulic cylinder meets your expectations in the workplace, is long lasting, durable and reliable.At MoBlack Hydraulics we are experts in the field of manufacturing, sale, and repair of hydraulic cylinders Sydney regions. Before you purchase your next hydraulic cylinder, contact us to find the best solution for your business’s needs.



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