Useful Tips to Ensure That You Order the Correct Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder

When you replace your hydraulic cylinder, there are some steps that you need to take to ensure that it is the right one!Many hydraulic cylinders are not standard sizes. Some cylinders are a universal size, however, others are custom made and need to be specially designed.

As professionals in the field of hydraulic repairs in Sydney, we have some useful tips to ensure that you order the correct replacement cylinder. Consider the following:

  • What You Use the Cylinder For

What the hydraulic cylinder is used for will make a difference to the type of cylinder that you need when you order hydraulic cylinder repair or replacement.

  • Types of Cylinders

Standard Cylinder

A standard cylinder has a length that is extended a little shorter than the cylinder’s body length. The rod of the cylinder is one continuous section.

Telescopic Cylinders

These cylinders use shorter and smaller pieces in the cylinder rod. They are made to extend the stroke of the cylinder. Each section of the rod sits in the rod barrel.

  • Whether it is Single or Double Acting

When you order hydraulic cylinder repair services or replacement, you need to know if your hydraulic cylinder is single or double acting.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

This means that there is one connection, which is located at the base of the hydraulic cylinder.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders 

In a double acting hydraulic cylinder, there is a connection both at the top and at the bottom of the cylinder.

  • Is Your Cylinder a Customised Cylinder?

Your cylinder may need to be customised. As part of our replacement and services, we can advise if you need to order a customised hydraulic cylinder.

For all of your hydraulic cylinder replacements and hydraulic repairs in Sydney region, contact us at Moblack Hydraulics. Our friendly team will help you to find the best hydraulic cylinder for your business.

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